Jordaan Mason – “I Was Coerced” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jordaan Mason – “I Was Coerced” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jordaan Mason has been making music for years now, and has amassed an impressive back catalog while doing so. The Canadian musician’s next album, form less, was recorded in isolation over a two week period as Mason worked through complicated thoughts on queerness and identity: “[form less] is meant to be like, a command, a command to decategorize, to declassify, to unname things,” they explain. “[Georges] Bataille describes the ‘formless’ as that which rational thought cannot comprehend. I guess I see queerness as a kind of formlessness. It also, I think, suits the eclectic short bursts of songs that the album is comprised of… [It’s] a record about transitioning, becoming, but not really becoming anything in particular. Forming less.”

“I Was Coerced,” the album’s lead single, possesses a tender and gentle beauty. It’s a simple acoustic that reveals intricacy in layers, not unlike unraveling the many facets of a person. Mason says it’s “about being taught to hate the girl in me, but trying to come over that,” and the lyrics set up societal expectations — “I think that I could kill her/ This is what I had been taught to do” — and knocks them down by listing out things that both sides of themselves can participate in: “We’ve been making it last, together.” It ends on intertwining pleas of “Please trust me/ Don’t trust me,” combining both halves of the self to make one whole. Listen below.

form less is out digitally on 7/8 and on tape 7/29 via Funeral Sounds. Pre-order it here.

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