Rachel Haden – “Little Dream”

Last year Rachel Haden released The Luci Parade EP, her debut solo endeavor following a wide-spanning career as a founding member of both the Rentals and That Dog. The latter band reunited in 2011 and are currently working on their fourth studio album and first since 1997. In the meantime, Haden — who has also toured and recorded with Jimmy Eat World, teamed with sisters Petra and Tanya as the Haden Triplets, and collaborated with Dntel and Neil Hamburger among others — is releasing a full-length solo LP entitled July 6, introduced today by lead single “Little Dream.”

Echoing the softly sweeping pillowscapes of her last EP, “Little Dream” quickly expands into place, with each element of the song tumbling over one another as they make their entrance before condensing onto the surface like droplets of water through a glass jar. “I try running off steam/ But steam’s running off me,” Haden sings, before the ocean of her acoustic guitar rises above the murmuring orchestral patchwork of atmospheric synths and she crashes into a higher octave. “Little Dream” takes on the quality of a bedtime lullaby, wistfully unguarded to its own emotive poetry, and drawing its power from the simplicity of its spirit. Haden marks her conclusions in the sand, and watches as her waves of layered humming harmonies pull them away and into the expanse. Listen below.


01 “On The Sun”
02 “Devil’s In Me”
03 “The Ground”
04 “Get Out”
05 “Absolutely Right”
06 “I’m Away”
07 “12 Monkeys”
08 “Little Dream”
09 “My Valentine”
10 “Why I’m So Unhappy”
11 “I Wander Streets”

July 6 comes out on 7/6 via Greenway Records. Pre-order it here.