Neutral Milk Hotel Auction Rare Bikini Kill, Rites Of Spring, & Fugazi Memorabilia To Benefit Phil Elverum’s Wife

Phil Elverum — better known to many of us as the Microphones or Mount Eerie — has recently been raising money for his wife Geneviève, who herself has recorded under the names Woelv and Ô Paon. Last year, just months after giving birth to a baby daughter, Geneviève has been diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Besides the fear and trauma that must come with a diagnosis like that, the Elverums are dealing with the insane costs of medical treatment, and a crowdfunding campaign has already raised a great deal of money to help out with that. And now, a few of Elverum’s ’90s indie-originator peers have stepped in to offer further assistance.

On their website, Neutral Milk Hotel have announced that they’ve placed some items up for auction, to help raise more money for the Elverums. And they are selling some very cool things. Some of them are from NMH themselves, including a box set that’s been signed 14 times, and which includes an original drawing from Jeff Mangum. But there are a few things from Neutral Milk Hotel’s peers, as well. Among them:

The headstock of a guitar that Fugazi co-leader Guy Piccioto smashed in 1985, at a Rites Of Spring show.

• A signed copy of Bikini Kill’s “Revolution Girl Style Now” 12″ single.

• Two signed acetates of that same Bikini Kill single.

• A signed test pressing of Fugazi’s first single.

• A signed letterpress poster for Fugazi’s Instrument documentary.

To check out the Neutral Milk Hotel auctions, head over here. You can also donate directly to the Elverums here.