R.L. Kelly – “Mad”

Two years ago, Orchid Tapes released Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop Of Orchid Tapes, a wonderful compilation of songs highlighting the introverted music that has become the New York-based label’s specialty. It’s a snapshot of the very distinctive time when it was made, when featured artists like Alex G, Ricky Eat Acid, Foxes In Fiction, and Elvis Depressedly were all at differing stages of their rise. Today, the label has announced a follow-up compilation called Radiating Light, which gets its name from a highlight off of that last compilation, Yohuna’s “Badges.” This one has new songs from a lot of the same artists that were featured on the first one, as well as newer extensions of the Orchid Tapes family like Soccer Mommy, Katie Dey, Emily Reo, and Ghost Orchard. The first track we get to hear from it is R.L. Kelly’s “Mad,” the great project of Los Angeles-based musician Rachel Levy. It’s her first new song in quite a long while, and it’s predictably great. Listen to it and check out the entire tracklist below.

01 Soccer Mommy – “Memories”
02 Katie Dey – “Few Hours Later”
03 Emily Reo & Yohuna – “Teach You”
04 Benoît Pioulard – “Layette (Slow Version)”
05 R.L. Kelly – “Mad”
06 Owen Pallett & Foxes In Fiction – “Weird Honey”
07 Alex G – “July 27 2015″
08 Ricky Eat Acid & Blithe Field – “It’s Love”
09 Ghost Orchard – “Decline”
10 Foxes In Fiction – “Extinguisher”
11 Infinity Crush – “Mirror”
12 Fog Lake & Home Alone – “Push”
13 Yohuna – “Geese Outside”
14 Blithe Field – “Tieras” [digital only]

Radiating Light: Orchid Tapes & Friends is out 8/12. Pre-order it here. Boring Ecstasy is also being reissued — you can pre-order that here.

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