Watch President Obama, Kendrick Lamar, & Janelle Monáe Sing Happy Birthday To Malia Obama

Yesterday, President Barack Obama hosted a Fourth of July barbecue on the White House lawn, inviting thousands of military veterans and their families. And as previously reported, he invited Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monaé to perform at the show, booking maybe the best musical bill that has ever performed at the building. We’ve posted (since-deleted) footage from the performances, and now the White House has shared a video of Obama speaking at the end of the show. Obama made an impassioned speech about how all American citizens deserve access to the freedom that the country is supposed to stand for, and then he led the whole crowd in singing happy birthday to his daughter Malia, who turned 18 yesterday. Watch the video below.

The great tragedy of this election season is that we will almost certainly never get anyone this cool in that office again.