Ben Chatwin – “Euclidean Plane” Video

Scotland-based producer and composer Ben Chatwin makes dark, bare, beautiful soundscapes that mix analog electronics with classical sensibilities. His sound defies form, allowing it to float aimlessly in any direction he pleases, becoming atmospheric in the way it organically melds with the space it occupies. Chatwin is set to release his latest full length effort Heat & Entropy at the end of the month, and the title reflects the ever-evolving quality to his sound.

His new single is the gorgeous, exquisitely arranged “Euclidean Plane,” and it comes with an entrancing visual accompaniment. The song is pretty mix of classical, ambient, electronic, and found sounds that register more as a movement or score than anything with a traditional pop form. It wanders in and out of different moods and environments sometimes taking on exploratory sounds reflective of the deep sea or a celestial excursion. The Nat Urazmetova-directed clip beautifully pairs Chatwin’s sounds with the movements of sea creatures for an interaction between life and sound that is almost hypnotic. Watch.

Heat & Entropy is out 7/29 via Ba Da Bing. Pre-order it here.