Sharks’ Teeth – “Don’t Touch My Feet”

Sharks’ Teeth – “Don’t Touch My Feet”

Sharks’ Teeth have dropped 16 albums in the last seven years, and have taken up many different shapes and size to do so, but they’ve settled into a four-piece, seven-synthesizer setup for their latest full length effort It Transfers & Grows. They bend and warp synths with the precision of a glassmaker shaping an intricate lamp, so much so that their songs become difficult to categorize.

The album opener “Don’t Touch My Feet” is the perfect example of the wonderful genre confusion they induce. A cosmic-funk feel plus pop-sensible melodies, random ambient-like interjections, atmospheric sweeps, and a dash of psychedelia evoke the feeling of retreating into yourself when in a touchy mood. Feet can be a sensitive area to people, downright disgusting to some, so they’re the perfect analogy for folding in on yourself as a result of being overly sensitive in a situation. Scurlock offers a simpler, more personal explanation: “This song is about taking something the wrong way and being offended for no reason, then cleaning your house or apartment to reduce the anxiety over it.” But it rings loudly with a much broader truth. Listen.


01 “Don’t Touch My Feet”
02 “Warm Legs”
03 “Karma Decay”
04 “It’s Bad For You”
05 “Lost in the Cosmos”
06 “EXP”
07 “Melting Belief”
08 “She Teaches Art”
09 “Electric Lucifer”
10 “Life Transformation”

It Transfers & Grows is out 9/2 via Gigantic Noise (vinyl) and Community Records (cassette). Pre-order it physical and digital formats.

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