Watch Will Butler Drum With A Fan’s Shoe At First Arcade Fire Show In Two Years

Last night, at the Barcelona nightclub Razzmatazz, Arcade Fire played their first official live show in about two years. And while the show didn’t include any new songs or covers, it did have one moment that seems newsworthy on the basis of pure awesomeness. During a rousing singalong rendition of “Rebellion (Lies),” Will Butler, towering above the crowd off to the side of the stage, was pounding on a drum when grabbed a shoe from a fan whose legs were dangling from a nearby balcony. He then proceeded to bang on the drum with the shoe for a few seconds before tossing it back (and almost losing it in the crowd below). Watch it below; it all happens around the 4:40 mark of the fan-made video below.

It’s a good thing, for all involved, that this wasn’t my shoe. Will Butler might’ve gotten his teeth kicked in.