Riz MC – “Englistan” Video

Lately, around the issue of Brexit, the UK has seen a tremendous, cresting wave of isolationist, anti-immigrant sentiment. And to combat that emboldened racism, the London rapper Riz Ahmed, who records as Riz MC, has made a video for “Englistan,” the title track from the mixtape he released a few months ago. Ahmed is part of the duos Swet Shop Boys (with Heems) and Halflife (with Distance). And he’s also an actor who’s about to be a movie star. He’s the lead in HBO’s highly touted The Night Of miniseries, which starts on Sunday, and he’s got parts in the new Bourne and Star Wars movies. In the “Englistan,” he’s a warm and charismatic screen presence, leading the camera along as it shows the beautiful swirl of cultures in London. Joe Vickers and Ellis Meade direct. Watch it below.

Pay what you want to download Englistan at Bandcamp.