Watch LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang Introduce NYC Underground Park The Lowline Featuring James Murphy’s Subway Symphony

Last year, when LCD Soundsystem was still inactive and he was still investing his time in a number of unlikely projects, James Murphy tried to change the way New York sounds. With his Subway Symphony project, Murphy proposed changing the discordant, clanging tones of the card-swiping machines in NYC’s subway system into something more aesthetically pleasing. The MTA rejected it. But soon enough, we may be able to go underground in New York and hear some version of what Murphy proposed.

Right now, New York is looking at a proposal for the Lowline, the world’s first underground park. If the project comes to pass, it’ll be situated in an unused trolly station near the Delancy Street subway stop on the Lower East Side. The Lowline Lab is putting together an idea of how that park might look, and it’ll feature tropical plants, natural sunlight, and a version of Murphy’s Subway Symphony project. And in a new video, Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem bandmate Nancy Whang introduces the Lowline Lab’s vision of the park. Throughout the clip, we hear the tones of Murphy’s Subway Symphony, and they really do sound pleasant. Check it out below.

Right now, the public can visit the Lowline Lab, a “testing ground” for how the park will look.