Jidenna – “Little Bit More”

Jidenna – “Little Bit More”

So it seems you need a dancehall hit in your repertoire to climb the charts these days, and Jidenna has come with his spin on the island sound for his debut Long Live The Chief. “Little Bit More” is a synth-soaked, tribal drum heavy, steel drum-tinged tropical jam perfect to make the summer just a bit hotter. It’s a flirty, indulgent romp about squeezing the most out of a much needed night of debauchery. He serenades a girl on the dance floor with a bevy of seductive lines like “Telling you secrets that you shouldn’t know/ It feels like it’s just you and me on the floor/ We’re in need of a moment.” In addition to “Chief Don’t Run” and the title track, the classic man’s debut is shaping up to be a sample platter of popular sounds with Jidenna’s smooth swag at the helm. Listen.

Long Live The Chief seems to be coming sooner than later.

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