Kino Kimino – “Passion” Video

Back at the end of March, Kim Talon released “Passion,” the first single from her debut full-length as Kino Kimino. Bait Is For Sissies is an art-punk album recorded at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio alongside Lee Ranaldo on guitar and Steve Shelley on drums. “Passion” received a visual treatment at the time that starred Talon silently providing not particularly good instructions on how to wash your hair. It was a stationary clip that seemed incongruous with the band’s spirited, if sinister energy, but was almost more enjoyable for its irreverent irrelevance.

Now Kino Kimino have delivered a proper music video for “Passion.” Directed by Alan Jensen, it swings in the opposite direction, following a dual narrative that better captures the terse punch of the song and matches its most absurd lyric to a visual representation. “Passion is the mashed potato of my love,” Talon sings on the chorus, as the camera pans around a bubble-bathing woman sensually eating a bowl of the stuff. The swimming-with-spuds section of the clip takes place alongside the workday of a subway flower-shop employee, and most of the time it doesn’t seem like these two characters have anything to do with one another. Yet still somehow the juxtaposition seems fitting, fatalistic even. Watch below.

Bait Is For Sissies is out now on Ghost Ramp. Purchase it here.