Killer Mike Responds To Police Shootings: “I’m Ashamed To Be A Part Of This Country

Killer Mike has emerged as one of the most articulate and impassioned voices on the subject of racial injustice in this country. As MissInfo reports, the rapper and activist recently sat down for an interview with Hot 107.9, during which he responded to this week’s tragic police killings. “I’m angry. I’m hurt. I’m disgusted,” he began. “I’m ashamed to be a part of this country.” His father was a police officer in Atlanta, and although he praises Atlanta police, he says, “I’m tired of living in an environment where this city is the only place in this country I feel safe as a black person…It is time to get angry and do something. It is time to prevent these abusers and these police that abuse the law.” He continues:

What we can do is go to your banks tomorrow. You can go to your bank tomorrow. And you can say “Until you as a corporation start to speak on our behalf, I want all my money. And I’m taking all my money to Citizen’s Trust” … What we’re going to do is to start to divert money away from this system. And this works. Apartheid ended in South Africa because students in America said “We not flying Delta anymore. We not drinking Coca-Cola anymore. We’re not supporting any corporation that supports the Apartheid and the enslavement of people that look like us.” And I’m just saying once again … Take your money out of this dog’s hands. Out of their paws. Take your money.”

Watch the full 14-minute interview below.

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