Liam Gallagher Hits Noel With Another Pair Of Potato Tweets

Liam Gallagher just keeps calling his brother a potato. The tuber feud began back in May, when Liam quelled Noel-assisted rumors of an Oasis reunion by calling Noel a potato and unsubtly declaring “Fuck Oasis.” A month later, the elder Gallagher finally responded to Liam’s allegations of being a potato, which Liam immediately used as an opportunity to again call Noel a potato. Last week, Liam said that actually, he’s all for an Oasis reunion, it’s just that Noel is too busy “being beige” — aka potato-colored. Which brings us to the latest installment in this strange, starchy saga — today, seemingly completely unprovoked, Liam has hit Noel with another pair of potato tweets:

I was gonna make a joke here, but honestly, I think Liam has already done all the work for me. Never change, boys.