Trust Punks – “The Reservoir”

Trust Punks – “The Reservoir”

“I’m not bold enough,” Alexander Grant sings on “The Reservoir,” the latest single from New Zealand-based Trust Punks’ upcoming new album, Double Bind. He turns those last words into a chant — “bold enough, bold enough” — and transforms them from a self-loathing statement and into a guiding missive. Earlier singles from the album tackled topics like the American prison industrial complex (“Good Luck With That“) and Australia’s immigration problems (“Paradise/Angel-wire“), but “The Reservoir” takes on more insular and acute anxieties, like not measuring up to the people around you and feeling worthless because of it. It uses abstract analogies (“Small bouquet was far from enough/ The fee arrived”) to translate the constant feeling of “feeling utterly foul,” and places that against a queasy and twinkling numbness. Listen below.

Double Bind is out 7/22 via Wharf Cat (US) / Faux Discx (UK) / Spunk (AU).

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