DEM YUUT – “Dawn/Sea”

Minneapolis quartet DEM YUUT are set to drop their debut album, Liberator. They play with top-40 tropes and bedroom pop/R&B, injecting them with intricate textures and musicality. “Dawn/Sea” is a telling example of their sensibilities. Stuttered rhythms and complex drums break up elongated, warped synths and catchy melodies from frontman/songwriter Danny O’Brien. But those melodic phrases contain vulnerable expressions of the wonder, intrigue and feelings that come with attraction and attachment. O’Brien sings: “I just wanna know what you did and how you did it/ I just wanna feel what it feels like when you can’t quit it.” The song is simple yet piercing thanks to constantly shifting aesthetic and lyrics that capture something so undefinable. O’Brien says “Dawn/Sea” is “a song about the curiosities of affection. Physical, emotional, but mostly physical.” Listen.

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