Jamie Lidell – “Walk Right Back”

Jamie Lidell – “Walk Right Back”

Jamie Lidell is back with his first new album since his 2013 self-titled. It’s called Building A Beginning and will be released on his own imprint, Jajulin Records. (It’s his first album in over a decade that will not be released via Warp.) “Walk Right Back” is the twitchy, soulful lead single and features Lidell crooning over wanting to go back to the start of a relationship. Listen to it below.

01 “Building A Beginning”
02 “Julian”
03 “I Live To Make You Smile”
04 “Find It Hard To Say”
05 “Me And You”
06 “How Did I Live Before Your Love”
07 “Walk Right Back”
08 “Nothing’s Gonna Change”
09 “In Love And Alone”
10 “Motionless”
11 “Believe In Me”
12 “I Stay Inside”
13 “Precious Years”
14 “Don’t Let Me Let You Go”

Building A Beginning is out 10/14 via Jajulin Records.

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