Garth Brooks’ Inside Studio G Will Do For Social Media What GhostTunes Did For Digital Music

Around the time Garth Brooks launched his comeback two years ago, he also launched his own streaming platform called GhostTunes. It’s the only place you can buy Brooks’ music digitally or stream it legally. Apparently you can also purchase popular albums by everyone from Drake to Radiohead to Blink-182 there, and they even have new releases by Deerhoof and Bat For Lashes featured on the front page. It’s this entire parallel retail universe carrying on unbeknownst to the rest of the world! Per The Charlotte Observer, Brooks is considering making his catalog available to Apple, Spotify, and all the usual streaming suspects — but, I mean, why do that when GhostTunes already changed the game forever?

Now The Tennessean reports that, having revolutionized digital music, Brooks is on to his next project, Live From Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation. This one is a weekly livestream on Facebook Live that will take fans behind the scenes of Brooks’ new album in progress. Episodes will run 10-15 minutes every Monday at 6PM until the album is released. Here’s an introductory video from Brooks:

You done did it again, Garth!

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