Denver Man Sues My Morning Jacket For Disfiguring Him In Car Crash

My Morning Jacket were in a car accident in 2013 while driving in Denver. The Denver resident involved in the accident, Margarito Gonzalez, is claiming that frontman Jim James is at fault. According to TMZ, Gonzalez is now suing James and the band. He alleges that James was driving a Mazda 2 irresponsibly with the other members of the band riding along, tailgating him before the cars crashed. He also claims that the injuries he suffered in he collision are so bad that he hasn’t been able to enjoy his life the same in the three years since. He’s suing for pain, suffering, personal disfigurement, and damages for an undisclosed amount. Perhaps Gonzalez has named the other members of the band in the suit in addition to James because they were in the car as well, but methinks someone feels like they missed out on a comeup a few years ago.