Watch Ariana Grande & Jimmy Fallon’s Snapchat Filter Video For “Into You”

Young pop queen Ariana Grande already had a video for “Into You,” probably the best of the singles from her new album Dangerous Woman. But one video wasn’t enough. And on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, she teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to make another. This one was decidedly more low-budget: Just two people lip-syncing the song while using every goofy-ass Snapchat filter they could find to make themselves look ridiculous. This is actually the second Snapchat-filter-based late-night comedy bit Grande has done, following her Snapchat horror movie on Kimmel. Is she famous for using a lot of Snapchat filters? Is that a thing? I was born in the ’70s, and I only barely know what Snapchat even is. Watch the video below.

Dangerous Woman is out now on Republic.