Phebe Starr – “Lavender Scars”

Australia-born, LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer Phebe Starr makes bare, vulnerable music enveloped by minimal, cleverly arranged soundscapes that give her emotive melodies room to breathe and cut through. Her latest single, “Lavender Scars,” is a pulsing, slow-simmering offering that switches between dense and chasmic moments that suit the gravity of the occasion. Starr opens with a haunting harmony as she sings “In these final hours, I lay myself down/ Hold my head high, so I’ll not drown.” She evokes the feeling of confusion and the full gamut of emotions that comes with dealing with the loss of a loved one. A mark of great artists is the ability to translate devastating moments into resonating beauty, and Starr certainly achieves this in penning this song for a close friend grieving. Here’s what she had to say about the song:

I wrote this song to honor the importance of freedom in the midst of grief … I was working alone in the studio when I received a text from a close friend of mine. Her father, who had had a long struggle with illness, had finally passed. I didn’t know what to say. Life hadn’t really prepared me to handle the harsh reality of loss in my own life or in anyone I was close to … Immersing myself in this moment of vulnerability helped me to embrace the uncomfortable disconnect of experiencing someone else’s pain.


Tour dates:

08/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Skybar
08/31 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater
09/15 New York, NY @ Sofar Sounds
10/14 Chicago, IL @ Art Institut

“Lavendar Scars” is out digitally on 7/15.

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