Elki – “Thunder”

Elki makes some seriously powerful indie pop tunes. She commands a wonderfully textured voice and dangerously catchy pop sensibilities that belie evocative, piercing lyrics and combines all those elements with eclectic sounds that magnify their potency. Her latest single is “Thunder,” and it’s a slow building fantasy in which she imagines herself having the ability to control the elements a la X Men’s Storm for her feelings to resonate more with her partner. You can feel her frustration and confusion as she extends her raw, tender plea. She sings “Wish I knew how to make thunder, so you can hear me far away/ I’d let the ocean take me under and I’d swim back to yesterday.” Intricate percussion, booming drums, and warped, elongated synths swell around her voice for a huge crescendo on the hook before she ends, spent, with the final question “What do you want from me?” This song is truly penetrating, and it just might be stuck in your head for the rest of the night. Listen.

“Thunder” is out now. Purchase it here. Hopefully a collection of songs will follow soon, like yesterday.

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