Linda Perry Will Be Happy To Know Lady Gaga Isn’t Nominated For An Emmy

Songwriting veteran Linda Perry called bullshit when Lady Gaga snagged an Oscar nomination for “Til It Happens To You,” the song that the pop star cowrote with Diane Warren for the sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground. Perry’s contention was that Warren basically wrote the whole song while Gaga just changed a few words and thus didn’t deserve to share in the glory, but that didn’t stop the Oscars or the Grammys from recognizing her contributions. The Emmys, however, are agreeing with Perry: “Til It Happens To You” earned an Emmy nod for outstanding original music and lyrics today, but only Warren’s name was listed. As a Television Academy representative told Billboard, “The minimum cue sheet percentage for eligibility is 20 percent. Diane and Gaga worked it out internally that Diane had 90 percent, so Gaga was not eligible and hence did not join Diane on the entry form.” Interesting, “Til It Happens to You” is now the first song to ever be nominated for a Grammy, an Oscar, and an Emmy.