Pusher – “Tell You” (Feat. Hunnah)

Pusher is a Toronto-based musician, producer, and DJ. He’s an eclectic artist that seamlessly melds an impressively expansive panoply of genres and subgenres including ’90s R&B, synth-pop, trap, and jazz among many others. He’s set to drop his New Laces EP next month, and it’s a very versatile collection of six songs that intertwine cohesively apropos of the title. The second single is “Tell You,” and it’s a ’90s R&B-tinged jam that just might have you doing the RoboCop or cabbage patch augmented with playful, bouncy synth flourishes and intricate percussion. Fellow Canadian vocalist Hunnah joins to add to the song’s poppy sensibilities with deceptively piercing lyrics about not wanting to constantly tell her partner about how she feels. The enveloping sounds mimic the complicated balance of figuring out when your feelings are valid and justified and you should express them, or if you can work through them yourself to keep from worrying your partner too much. Here’s what Pusher had to say about the song:

I’m so very pleased to be finally releasing “Tell You” – a song I worked on with the immensely naturally talented Hunnah, who is the only other collaborator on the EP from my home country of Canada. Hunnah chose to work on a primitive version of this instrumental track, even though it was one of the weirder demos I sent her, and I think we came away with something very special. Her vocals are amazing and bring a special feel and quality to the entire EP project.

This song was the one that I likely worked on for the longest period of time, as I was experimenting with some new sounds, new song forms, and trying to never take any ‘easy ways out’ when I was faced with different directions the song could go. It was a lot of work, but also has one of the greatest personal rewards and I’m excited to share it with everybody at long last!


New Laces is out 8/26 via Black Butter Records. Pre-order it here.

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