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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

It’s not a music video, but I’d like to draw your attention to this video, of Parquet Courts and Bun B performing together on Colbert last night. It’s so great! I am so happy that it exists! Watch it, and watch this week’s picks below.

5. Sneeze – “Movie Sez” (Dir. Eric Walker)

Shout out to the guy from Sneeze for really eating the dirt-encrusted pizza slice. That is commitment to art.

4. Blink-182 – “Brohemian Rhapsody” (Dir. ?)

Look, I’m sorry, I laughed.

3. Chvrches – “Bury It” (Feat. Hayley Williams) (Dir. Jamie McKelvie)

Basically Big Hero 6, remade as an emo-synthpop video, without the robot or any of the stuff that might make you cry.

2. Honeyblood – “Ready For The Magic” (Dir. Thomas James)

Lots of music videos do what they can to evoke horror-movie feelings. Very, very few of them make something genuinely unsettling out of those aesthetics. This is one of them.

1. Schoolboy Q – “Black THougHts (Pt. 3)” (Dir. Jack Begert & Dave Free)

An epic video trilogy concludes with a dreamlike vision that’s just crushingly, overwhelmingly sad. Schoolboy Q’s daughter was born on the same day as my daughter, and I never had to consider the idea that I might not watch mine grow up. I think about this all the time.