And The Kids – “Friends Share Lovers” Video

Friends Share Lovers” is the title track off of And The Kids’ sophomore album, and today they released a playful video for the song. In the clip, the members of And The Kids run around idyllic Western Mass (I’m assuming, since that’s where they’re from) with televisions for heads as they try to work out the kinks in their relationships. Director Rufus Paisley told NPR Music the following about the video’s central concept:

I wanted to create a story with characters [who represent] that strange feeling… These disembodied TV people just want to connect, but are stuck inside the boxes on their heads. But throughout the song, they learn to share and love by deconstructing that and getting wonderfully, childishly messy.

Watch the video below and read our Q&A with And The Kids’ Hannah Mohan here.

Friends Share Lovers is out now via Signature Sounds.