For Everest – “Vitamins”

One of the most surreal things about living in New York City (or any large city, though this song is specifically rooted here) is being surrounded by millions of people, all with their own narratives, all trying to get by in their own way. Sometimes, that’s sobering and makes your problems feel conquerable, but all too often it’s alienating and makes you feel like an infinitesimal speck in the great big universe. Being around so many people all the time means that we collide with each other constantly, whether actively or passively.

“Vitamins,” the second single from For Everest’s forthcoming debut album following “Autonomy,” recounts two such experiences. In the first, Sarah Cowell observes a couple they see on the subway, projecting a distance onto them that may be real or imaginary, but certainly reflects Cowell’s own state of mind. The second is more confrontational: unsolicited advice from a drag queen on Delancey Street sparks a reactionary rejection of their worldview. “I think you’re a snake in high heels,” Cowell seethes at the judgement before launching into the elegiac hook: “Who do you think will forgive you for this?” Listen below.

We Are At Home In The Body is out 7/29 via Broken World Media. Pre-order it here.

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