Coming Soon: Portable Victrola (U2 Edition)

In case you’re bored with your 1st Gen iPod and can’t afford the droolworthy nano, it might be a good time to take a step backwards, and invest in a $99 portable turntable. It seemed a little silly to have such a thing in this so-called “iPod Age,” but they make a good point over at Create Digital Music:

If you live for climbing through stacks of vinyl at used record stores or garage sales, it takes nothing to bring along a PT01 to preview a record before you buy it via in the built-in speaker. If you want to use the PT01 to spin at home or at a party, you can connect the included AC adapter and spin all night long. There’s also a full set of analog outputs for connecting it to a standard mixer and PA system.

Now you can listen to The Pixies’ first three albums wherever you go, since 4AD re-released them on super-nerd-quality heavyweight 180g vinyl.

Turntable nano link via Gizmodo.