Space Mountain – “Never Lonely” (Feat. Forth Wanderers’ Ava Trilling)

Space Mountain is the songwriting project of Boston-based musician Cole Kinsler, who has released a new album under the name every year since 2013. Big Sky is his latest, and “Never Lonely” is its bummed-out lead single. Forth Wanderers’ Ava Trilling takes on primary vocal duties on this one, and she’s playing the role of the doting and ever-waiting housewife, living out her days based around her partner’s return. It trades on classical rugged exceptionalism — “My man’s so mean, handsome as can be,” “My man’s so tough, works hard, plays rough/ And his nights run long, sun comes and he’s gone” — to tell a story that’s engrained in our collective unconscious. “I’m fine on my own, one kiss ’till he’s home/ Lips sealed, who knows, my eyes were closed.” The “Never Lonely” of the title is an empty feeling and, on the last verse when Kinsler joins in with his deep monotone, their character runs into a friend and uses that connection as a way to get past her loneliness: “She’s in my head, I’m never lonely/ Sings me to sleep, deeper I creep.” Listen below.

Big Sky is out 8/26 via Dust Etc. Pre-order it here.