Watch Pixies Debut New Songs “Baal’s Back,” “Classic Masher,” and “Head Carrier” At NOS Alive!

In the Old Testament, God often rebukes the nation of Israel for worshiping the pagan god Baal, a practice that involved child sacrifice. So when Black Francis shrieks “Baal’s back!” on the new Pixies song of the same name, it’s intended to be terrifying, and it is. “Baal’s Back” is one of three tracks from the band’s upcoming Head Carrier that Pixies debuted at the NOS Alive! festival in Portugal earlier this month. Below, check out footage of the ferocious “Baal’s Back” as well as more pop-minded selections “Classic Masher” and “Head Carrier.”

Head Carrier is out 9/30 on Pixiesmusic/Play It Again Sam, and it is shaping up to be pretty good!

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