Father John Misty Responds To Strand Of Oaks’ Subtweet, XPN Criticism Of His Fest Lecture

This past weekend, Father John Misty had what he’s described as a “kind of a full meltdown” while onstage at the XPN Festival in Camden, New Jersey. During his set, Josh Tillman played only two songs, one improvised and one Leonard Cohen cover, while telling the crowd a lot of things. The gist of his onstage talk was essentially this: “Entertainment is stupid.” He also stayed onstage for less than half of his allotted time. Since then, some of Father John Misty’s peers, including Strand Of Oaks frontman Timothy Showalter, have criticized him for the whole thing. Here’s what Showalter said on Twitter:

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Tillman responded to Showalter and to an article that festival sponsors WXPN posted, rounding up Twitter reactions to Misty’s set:

After the XPN set, Tillman also played a Father John Misty set at Detroit’s Mo Pop Festival. During his time onstage in Detroit, Tillman attempted to address the fallout of the XPN show. The basic thesis of what he said on Detroit was this: “I will be the internet’s pretentious douchebag if that’s what it takes for me to occasionally say something like this. I hope you understand that I respect you and that it is not about, you know, lecture time.”

Here’s video of Tillman in Detroit:

Meanwhile, Ryan Adams, who also played at XPN Fest, obliquely addressed the whole Father John Misty situation during his set:

So: Does Tillman have a point, or is he being an asshole? Or both?