Usher, Heart, John Mellencamp, & More Tell Politicians “Don’t Use Our Song” On John Oliver

Donald Trump and the rest of his peers at the RNC have received plenty of disapproving tweets from musicians about using their songs without their support. Trump and friends don’t necessarily need artists’ permission to use their songs because he can go through ASCAP or whatever licensing organization the artists went through to register their song, but artists are hoping the Republicans will respect their wishes and stop using their music. Given Trump hasn’t necessarily given the impression that he’s a reasonable man, it’s a bit of a farfetched wish. But John Oliver gathered Heart, Usher, Michael Bolton, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, Cyndi Lauper, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, and John Mellencamp to ask politicians of all parties to stop using their songs. It’s a country-leaning ballad that basically details all the ways the music misrepresents their intentions and makes candidates look stupid. Watch.