CVS At Night – “Mudd Club” (Feat. Maria Usbeck)

CVS At Night is a Latin-tinged Brooklyn rock quartet that includes members of Samson The Truest, Evi Antonio, and Yellow Eyes. “Mudd Club,” from the group’s self-titled debut EP, features guest vocals from the majestic Maria Usbeck, who released her impressive solo LP Amparo — one of our 50 Best Albums Of 2016 So Far — back in May.

Usbeck adds style and urgency to the track, which shuffles ahead via sultry guitars and a lurching bassline. “I see those windows draped in black,” she sings with an airy rasp, as she heads into the evening against thoughts of her receding youth. Yet she’s steadfast, striding forth while leaving “those worries in the past.” “Mudd Club” is a late-night romp that keeps its movements intentionally hazy, yet you can’t help but intuitively walk in step. Listen below.

The CVS At Night EP is out this fall.