Watch Nick Jonas Cook Bird Guts And Grubs On Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Nick Jonas is appearing on next Monday’s season premiere Running Wild With Bear Grylls, the show in which various celebrities attempt to survive in the wilderness with the help of famed urine-drinker Bear Grylls. “I think the main reason I wanted to come out here and do Running Wild With Bear Grylls was because I’m in a season of my life where I’m trying to push myself outside my comfort zone, do things that challenge me, be around inspiring people,” Jonas says in the episode, Canada ET reports. “When I got the call to do the show, I was thrilled.” He doesn’t seem totally thrilled, however, at the prospect of cooking and eating bird guts stuffed with grubs, as seen in the clip below. But hey, that’s ok — more for Bear Grylls!