Eddie Money Fires Back At “Chemo” Drummer And His “Groupie” Fiancée In New Court Filing

We’ve learned a lot of strange things in 2016, and on that list, the idea that ’80s AOR star Eddie Money is a complete dick is probably pretty low. Still, it’s pretty interesting! Last month, we reported that Money’s former touring drummer Glenn Symmonds and Tami Landrum, Summonds’ fiancée, are both suing Money. Symmonds is claiming wrongful termination, saying he was fired from Money’s band after being viciously mocked onstage for his bladder cancer and his back injury. And Landrum is claiming that Money would often sexually harass her — again, also onstage. Money has fired back in a new court filing, but his legal action doesn’t really make him sound any less like an asshole.

Case in point: According to The Hollywood Reporter, here’s Money’s lawyer’s response to those sexual-harassment allegations: “Landrum is a rock and roll groupie and has a history of ‘coming on’ to musicians.” So: She was fair game? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s weird to respond to a sexual-harassment accusation with more sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Money is saying that he’s protected under the First Amendment when he performs music, and his choice of band members falls under that protection. But he also argues that he didn’t treat Symmonds that badly. Symmonds’ lawsuit refers to Money joking that the band’s tour was “sponsored by Depends,” but Money’s lawyer argues that Money was really just joking about his own age and claims that the joke predates Symmonds’ cancer diagnosis. Money also admits that he would refer to Symmonds as “Chemo The Drummer,” but he also says that he would tell the audience to go buy “Beat Cancer Like A Drum” T-shirts to help raise money for Symmonds’ treatment.

In perhaps the funniest bit of the court motion, Money claims that he fired Symmonds from his band because he didn’t like the way Symmonds reacted when Money decided to spend a summer touring with his adult children as his backing band. Money alleges that Symmonds and Landrum would call concert promoters and tell them not to book Money on that tour. They’ve also included a call transcript in which Symmonds allegedly told a promoter, “This show is turning into a clusterfuck. He’s fired everybody in his band and he’s paying his goon family to be part of the band.” If you take away nothing else from this story, take away this: “His goon family” is an amazing turn of phrase.

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