Stream Kllo Well Worn EP

Stream Kllo Well Worn EP

When we last spoke to Simon Lam, the Nearly Oratorio producer talked about a tendency to place his songs into a particular sonic pocket. Now, joined by his cousin Chloe Kaul in electronic pop project Kllo, the two have released an EP that, while entirely danceable, needs to be listened to with headphones at least once.

The duo doesn’t revert to a using a bunch of different and super weird sounds (not that I’m not into that) in order to show off their production skills. This EP is kind of like watching a puzzle come together, only the puzzle pieces are made out of some sort of melting chrome-cashmere hybrid material. Kaul and Lam create a sonic landscape using pads and drum sounds that are modest in theory, but mixed and spaced in a way that lets each harmonic and deep, soulful oscillation stand out.

On Well Worn, the space between each sound acts as an instrument in itself. And by alternating the use of Kaul’s smooth vocals between Abra-like leads and more instrumental repetitions, Kllo endows their work with the kind of catchiness that will pull your head back above water so you can pulse along to their heavy grooves. Listen below.

Well Worn is available today on Spotify on 7/28 and will be available through other streaming services on 8/5.

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