Brendan Canning – “Keystone Dealers”

Broken Social Scene are currently working on new music, but that’s not deterring the group’s Brendan Canning from releasing a new solo album, his third in total and first since 2013’s You Gots 2 Chill. Last month, we premiered “Book It To Fresno,” and today Canning is sharing another new track from Home Wrecking Years, “Keystone Dealers,” a brassy and preternaturally chill pastiche. Here’s what Canning said about the song to The A.V. Club:

Keystone dealers is the Bossa Nova moment on the record. Justin Peroff came up with the idea for the old-school drum machine and the killer horn section was led by Liam O’Neil who was recently drafted by Kings of Leon. It’s one of a few moments on the record that allows the listener some real pause and breath.

I’m pretty sure the song is me trying to find a correlation between a failed relationship and the destruction big oil leaves behind once the damage is done. Words just pop out sometimes and I’m left to sort through for meaning.

Listen below.

Home Wrecking Years is out 8/12 on Arts & Crafts. Pre-order it from the label or iTunes, and stream “Book It To Fresno” at Apple Music.