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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This week, there were things to watch way more important than any music video — and that was some good timing, since the week’s music videos were mostly pretty bad. There were, however, some good ones in there, and we’ve got five of them listed out below.

5. Nice As Fuck – “Door” (Dir. ?)

It’s probably not what’s actually going on, but I like the idea that Jenny Lewis just formed this new band as an excuse to stage goofy-ass Monkees retro-fantasies.

4. Jidenna – “Little Bit More” (Dir. Justin Francis)

The moral of this video: Jidenna is fun to watch even when he’s on vacation.

3. Ryley Walker – “The Roundabout” (Dir. Joe Martinez Jr.)

Chicago does the Fourth of July better than any other place where I’ve ever lived. Cars stay parked, and streets fill up with people, all of whom have purchased vast quantities of fireworks. Fireworks keep going off all night long, scaring dogs and making sleep impossible for infants. And once you get over the whole “fuck, I’m not getting any sleep tonight” thing, it’s so beautiful. This video captures all of that.

2. AlunaGeorge – “Mean What I Mean” (Feat. Dreezy & Leikeli47) (Dir. Motion Family)

A well-executed pop video is better than most other things. And, as it turns out, when you have a lady who wears a ski mask and sounds vaguely like Biggie rapping in the middle of an abandoned desert theme park, that goes a long way toward making your video visually compelling.

1. Tegan And Sara – “Faint Of Heart” (Dir. Devon Kirkpatrick)

A beautiful little love letter to pop music, one with an actual point of view and a reason for existing. Give Tegan And Sara credit for knowing when to just be extras in their own video.