Kanye Calls For End To Music Streaming Wars: “Apple Give Jay His Check For Tidal Now”

As the competition between streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal has dragged on, the music world has increasingly fragmented into a mess of platform-exclusive content. Kanye West is one of Tidal’s many “artist-owners” and has streamed much of his work exclusively on Jay Z’s service, but today, he’s taken to Twitter to call for an end to the streaming wars, saying that “This Tidal Apple beef is fucking up the music game.” Last month, news surfaced that Apple was in talks to buy Tidal, and in a new string of tweets, West invites Apple CEO Tim Cook, Jay Z, Drake, Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine, and others to get together to work things out and tells Apple to “give Jay his check for Tidal now.” Find Kanye’s tweets below.

UPDATE: He forgot to add Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.