Stream Wei Zhongle Nice Mask Over An Ugly Face EP

Wei Zhongle make a highly rhythmic, floating brand of indie pop. The quartet has had four shifts in lineup over five albums, and their sound has morphed along with those changes. But they have managed to keep a sound that is distinctly theirs through every iteration, from the sharp ruminations of their self-titled debut to the mesmerizing, appropriately named Nu Trance.

Their latest effort is the Nice Mask Over An Ugly Face EP. It’s a funky, catchy collection of songs that still possesses the musicality of their previous output. Deep, burrowing grooves, interlocking melodies, and infectious hooks vary in pace from a medium boil to a frenetic frenzy as Rob Jacobs’ subtly soulful voice weaves it’s way through. Just when you think you’ve settled into a particular sound, things get warped, experimental, and delightfully weird, leaning into R&B, psychedelia, and even new wave. The EP is certainly a departure from their other works, but they are comfortable and confident in the ever-shifting soundscapes and aesthetics. Listen.

Nice Mask Over An Ugly Face is out 8/15 via Pretty Purgatory.

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