David Byrne – “Send Her To Heaven”

In late July, during an episode of his DB Radio show aired during Pitchfork Radio’s New York City pop-up broadcast, David Byrne premiered a playlist called “Music Recorded On A Cell Phone,” the purpose being to “honor and celebrate all those people out there who capturing and sharing important moments with people around the world.” Along with recordings of a 2014 protest march for Eric Garner and a busking saxophonist Byrne saw one evening during a walk through Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY, the playlist featured an unreleased song by Byrne called “Send Her To Heaven,” which is set to be featured in Byrne’s new musical about Joan Of Arc.

Byrne also provided more details about the forthcoming musical, which he says he would like to call Joan Of Arc: Into The Fire, including that it takes place 20 years after Joan was burned at the stake, and tells the story of Joan’s mother trying to get her name cleared. As it turns out, the mother’s quest to have her daughter’s name cleared is the narrative behind “Send Her To Heaven,” the recording for which seems to have been done on a cell phone as well. Check out the full archived episode below, with “Send Her To Heaven” beginning at 35:30.

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