The Regrettes – “Hey Now”

LA quartet the Regrettes make an infectious brand of punk with ’50s and ’60s pop leanings, and they beam with a youthful exuberance and raw vulnerability that result in deceptively provocative songs. Frontwoman Lydia Night pens intimate, personal laments as her bandmates surround her with walls of guitars and playful rapid-fire drums.

Their latest single “Hey Now” is no exception. It’s an attitudinal, guitar-laced bop with retro sensibilities and catchy melodies. Night brings as much energy as audacity, holding nothing back from a boy she has her eye on. She sings with plenty of verve, “Hey now, what’s your name?/ You’re really cute and really nice I think we should go on a date.” It’s refreshingly simple and boldly straightforward, but mostly its just fun. Here’s what Night had to say about the jam:

I wrote “Hey Now” halfway through my freshman year. I had a big crush on this boy that was giving me mixed signals. I got so impatient that I just stopped liking him altogether.

Dude sounds like a dummy. I’m definitely playing “Hey Now” for my next crush. No words, just this song. Listen.