BLKKATHY – “Lemon”

BLKKATHY is the Brooklyn duo of Kate Faust and Kate Linhardt. Of the probably hundreds of bands that are conceived in BK while drunk that never come to fruition, BLKKATHY followed through, and we’re better off for it. They make synth-soaked R&B for misfits and outsiders. Their latest single, “Lemon,” taken from an EP of the same title due later this summer, is a hopeful, honest tune.

The track opens with deep 808s and melts into intricate percussion, playful synth layers, and tribal vibes. The two singers beautifully harmonize, sounding like they are in two different rooms. They are wishful, but grounded in their hopes for a fulfilling relationship. So lines like “Maybe lemons will be sweet then you’ll want to see me again” and “Don’t look like I’m the one/ You fake it when you give me some” coexist, but don’t contradict.

The unflinching lyrics evoke a healthy dose of skepticism that can keep your heart from being broken, but also a sanguinity that will allow something wonderful to grow. That balance is paralleled by the interplay of the many synth layers spanning from deep and sustained, and airy and bubbly. I wish everyone could approach relationships the same way this song does. Listen.

Lemon is out later this summer.