Modern Inventors – “Closer” (Feat. Daru Jones)

Modern Inventors – “Closer” (Feat. Daru Jones)

Songwriters Josh Benus & Matt Kass began Modern Inventors in Philadelphia as a country-rock outfit, but they’ve since shifted their approach considerably after relocating to Nashville this past year. Their new single “Closer” finds the duo widening their pallet to R&B and synth-pop textures, and it suits them well. After opening with a trio of short percussive knocks courtesy of Jack White’s drummer Daru Jones, “Closer” immediately settles into a charming, oozing groove. There’s a murmuring buzz beneath the smooth rumble of the rhythm section, infusing lax chillwave with a psychedelic soul that evokes the Flaming Lips by way of Toro Y Moi. The band offered the following interpretation:

After a relationship ends, it’s natural to feel guarded, and sometimes when you least expect it, you’ll find yourself connecting with another person. Maybe it’s on a subway, or passing each other on the sidewalk, but you remember the feeling; “Closer” is a realization that you might be getting closer to allowing yourself to open up again.

Listen below.

“Tonight” / “Closer” is out 9/9.

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