Sugar Candy Mountain – “Windows” Video

Joshua Tree-based duo Ash Reiter and Will Halsey, aka Sugar Candy Mountain, make some smooth, vintage-inspired psychedelia that sounds like it requires at least two more band members. They recently dropped 666, a stellar collection of songs ranging from rich psychedelic odes to fuzzy excursions as beautifully bare as the terrain they reside in. Today, they’ve given the silky, lush standout “Windows” the visual treatment. Reiter and Halsey slowly meander through the pretty desert park landscape just outside Palm Spings on foot and in a vintage big emblem Benz looking like badasses in slow motion. There’s really nothing more to it than that, and it’s almost hypnotic through the combination of those simple visuals and mesmerizing sounds. Here’s what director Arsenii Vaselenko had to say about the clip:

The concept for the video was inspired by the eerie and desolate landscape of 29 Palms, a town on the border of Palm Springs and the vast nothingness of the California desert. At the time of filming, the band was living just outside of 29 Palms and I wanted to capture them traversing this unique environment with visual nods to the lyrics. The song has a beautiful, dream-like quality to it, which we tried to convey visually by keeping a simple narrative, and inviting the audience to go on a joyride with the band. The surreal desert landscape lends itself well to introducing supernatural elements such as the James Turrell inspired “Window” for the final performance sequence. I wanted to create a visual experience that felt true to the band’s aesthetic while capturing the dream-like quality of their music.


666 is out now via People In A Position To Know.