Blue States – “Restless Spheres”

Blue States – “Restless Spheres”

It’s been some time since we last heard from Blue States, the UK electro-ambient project led by Andrew Dragazis. While he released a b-sides collection in 2009, his last proper full-length was 2007’s First Steps Into…, but thankfully he’s set to finally return this fall with a new LP entitled Restless Spheres. He’ll also perform for the first time in 9 years at the Waiting Room in London on 10/3.

Restless Spheres casts deep strokes in softly-enveloping hues, encased in an ethereal fog with ricocheting percussion and blipping flashes of light. A prime example of Dragazis’ textural skill is the album’s title track, which employs a finger-picking motif and a flickering keyboard to add levity to its glacial synthlines. It’s a wide-screen lullaby, nodding towards the cinematic soundscapes that have been the producer’s muse since he began Blue States in 1997. “The idea for restless spheres came from the King Lear quote ‘moving as a restless sphere’ which seemed apt when I wrote the song in 2011, waiting anxiously for impending fatherhood in uncertain times,” Dragazis says of the track. Keep “Restless Spheres” on loop when you go to bed and you just might dream in HD. Listen below.

Restless Spheres is out 9/16 via Memphis Industries.

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