Tender – “Outside”

Tender – “Outside”

London duo Tender is made up of James Cullen and Dan Cobb. They make darkly-shaded, R&B-inflected electro grooves. They’ve signed with Brooklyn-based Partisan Records, and to celebrate today they’ve come with “Outside.” It’s a pulsing, mid-tempo, textured song with deep-burrowing bass grooves, warped synths, and subtle, syncopated drums ridden by evocative melodies and harmonies. It’s alluring in its rawness and vulnerability, with provocative lines like: “I will touch myself, guilty of loving you too much/ I’ll smother you, just to feel your touch.” There’s some devastating sentiment cleverly wrapped in a sultry soundscape. Listen.

“Outside” is out now via Partisan. Tender are preparing to make their live debut.

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