Britney Spears Repeats Rihanna’s Jimmy Kimmel Prank

Last year, in a funny bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rihanna snuck into Kimmel’s room in the middle of the night, with dancers, and sang her then-new single “Bitch Better Have My Money” at him. Kimmel was confused, and the whole thing was pretty charming. But you can’t do the exact same prank twice. Evidently, though, nobody told Britney Spears. Spears (who, you’ll be shocked to learn, has a new album coming out) repeated the whole Rihanna bit note-for-note on last night’s episode of Kimmel, right down to the part where Kimmel’s wife conspires with her. Spears did, however, up things a bit by including a light guy and a cadre of shirtless and painted-up male dancers. Watch the whole bit — as well as the OG Rihanna one — below.

Spears’ new album Glory is out 8/26 on Apple Music. I like how Kimmel even acknowledged that this was not an original bit.