Skrillex & Rick Ross – “Purple Lamborghini” Video (Feat. Jared Leto)

Today sees the release of Suicide Squad, the megabudget DC Comics summer tentpole that already looks like a historic turkey, a prime example of a desperate movie studio having no idea how to serve its audience. (I still want to see it.) It also sees the release of the Suicide Squad soundtrack, a nonsensical pileup of big-name actors. The lead single for the soundtrack is “Purple Lamborghini,” on which Rick Ross and Skrillex team up to make a thunderingly meaningless trap anthem. Director Colin Tilley’s brand-new video for the song features Ross, Skrillex, and Jared Leto — in character as his cackling anarchist take on the Joker — hanging out in a Halloween-looking VIP section and a fleet of lowrider convertibles. It ends, as it must, with Ross, Skrillex, and Leto all posing on the hood of a speedboat in the Miami harbor. It’s really, really stupid, and I found myself deeply entertained. Go ahead and watch it below. Nobody’s judging you.

Suicide Squad: The Album is out now.