Avey Tare – “Welcome To The Funzone” Video

Animal Collective member Avey Tare has been known to dabble in weird, creepy stuff (see any of the videos for 2014’s Enter The Slasher House) and he does it well. So who better to write a jingle for a super freaky-looking pizzeria/arcade/bowling alley called the Funzone? The jingle and kids entertainment center will find a home in Danny Perez’s upcoming film ANTIBIRTH — Perez also worked with Tare on the aforementioned Slasher House vids. This short music video is an extended version of what appears in the flick, and it’s a dizzying, warped, psychotropic experience with clowns and people dressed in furry suits flailing around flamboyantly, buoyantly, and eerily disquietingly all at the same time. In the film, the Funzone is the second life of a skeevy dive bar, and it seems that spirit still haunts the children’s venue. Seriously, super creepy. Watch.

ANTIBIRTH is out 9/2 in IFC MIDNIGHT theaters and on Video On Demand.